Now is the right time to go solar

With the world’s energy costs skyrocketing, there’s no better time to adopt an alternative energy lifestyle. The tariff rates are increasing manifolds by the hour. While on the contrary solar power is getting cheaper and cheaper. Wondering if you should wait till solar becomes yet more cheap? Here is why you shouldn’t wait any longer…
Why wouldn’t you want to save money? Let us talk facts as for now. It is true as all of us can see that the rates of solar are falling by the hour and they will continue to fall in the future too. But has anyone thought about the rising prices of grid electricity which just keep increasing without even a little dip?

Reasons for switching over to solar today:-

1) Solar power rates won’t slope down much in the future
It is true that the rates have fallen drastically over the past few years but now the fall will not be that sharp. Those who invest in solar power today, and those who invest two-three years later, would have just a marginal difference in the money they spend! Moreover, those who invest today, start saving from today itself while those who wait, keep waiting and spend the same amount after two years also!

2) Negligible recurring cost and maintenance
Yes you heard it right! Although, initial cost of solar panels is steep but there are practically zero recurring costs. Solar cells generally doesn’t require much maintenance and run for a long time. More solar panels can be added from time to time when needed.

2) Remote monitoring
Homeowners already have a lot to take care of. Solar panels should not be one of them! Hence, solar systems come with a provision of monitoring a systems performance and your solar installer will take care of it.
3) Save money on your electric bills
Go solar with Aubade Solar now and save thousands of rupees. If today’s electricity rates aren’t enough to convince you to look into solar, chances are good that future rates certainly will. By investing into solar today you save huge money from today itself
4) Solar Panel technology has been stable for a while now
A fair number of people have resisted going solar for fear that they’ll be stuck with out-of-date technology. But the truth is, solar panels haven’t changed very much in more than 20 years.
5) Solar power is helping India move towards energy independence
Solar panels on your roof = energy that’s created right here on your rooftop. (And helps create jobs, besides) Solar power is a boon to our energy grid as well, flowing in excess energy when demand is highest and offering an extra layer of security.
6) Last but not the least Solar is 100% green power
CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are the major contributors to climate change. Solar panels require no “fuel” but the sun’s rays and emit no climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

While you are still waiting for the solar power rates to come down, other people who have come to EPC companies like Aubade Solar, have already taken their first step towards saving their money and their planet! Investing in solar today, means starting to save your money from today itself. On the other hand if you sit and wait for the prices to fall, do remember you’re losing time to start saving your money and your planet.

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