Solar cost directly proportional to system efficiency

Majority of us have a mindset that higher the cost the better the quality. The elite Brands like Armani, Prada, Mercedes, Tag Huer , etc are very high on cost but still have a healthy customer base. This is because for them people know that the higher the price the better the quality. Then what is the difference when it comes to solar power? Isn’t it obvious that the best quality solar products have to cost a fair enough amount for their credibility and quality standards?

This blog of mine aims at making the readers understand the negative side hidden behind the highly cheap solar solutions that companies are giving all across the country.

We all know that the solar power plants have a performance based warranty of 25 years. For maintaining satisfactory operation for 25 years is a very big responsibility on the shoulders of the system installer and hence, the best quality is to be provided to customers. The benchmark cost for 1 KW Solar Power plant is around Rs. 85-90,000 which varies inversely with respect to the system capacity. But these days it can be seen at many places that the system installers are slashing down the cost beyond feasible limits. And aren’t we wise enough to guess that it is the quality they are compromising with while chopping off the standard pricing?

The ministry of new and renewable energy has a list of quality checks and standards which make the solar power plant components trustworthy and reliable. Aubade Solar being a channel partner of the MNRE, makes it a priority to meet all the standards for the desired operation for a period of 25years. We make it a point to use the best MNRE approved products so that the customer can sit peacefully and not rush to us every other day for some or the other issue in the components. While a customer settling down for low prices and hence, compromised quality,may have petty issues about the working of their systems from time to time.

So dear readers, it is now totally upto you to spend a little more once and enjoy for the rest of 25 years or save a little amount in the start and pay for it later on from time to time. Along with the falling prices, other accelerators to the economic nature of solar power are the government initiatives like net metering, subsidies, tax benefits, etc., the whole cost of setup can be recovered in 4-5 years on an average.

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